Our team

MPUA has recruited a team of enthusiastic volunteers, who are prepared to commit some of their time to help run MPUA and deliver the services MPUA intends to offer. Most of our volunteers are existing prosthetic users or their carers.

From this group of volunteers, a formal committee, led by a Chairperson, will be formed under the Constitution of MPUA. The recruitment and long-term retention of a group of enthusiastic volunteers are key to the ongoing and future success of MPUA.

Richard Zacharzewski – MPUA Chair

A recent bilateral below-knee-amputee, with amputations in 2013 and 2014, both attributable to being a Type 1 Diabetic for over fifty years. He faced up to the challenge of walking initially, with a single prosthetic leg and then two prosthetic legs within 6 weeks of each amputation. He is a qualified accountant and had a successful working life in the business world, most recently in various director roles. He has been instrumental in establishing the concepts and ideas behind setting up and launching MPUA. He is determined that MPUA is a success.

Trevor McLean – MPUA Treasurer

Early October 2015, his life changed dramatically. A thrombosis travelled down his left leg and this resulted in doctors having to firstly guillotine of his foot and then amputate his leg below the knee. Fortunately, whilst the loss of his leg has limited what he now able to do, he has been able to continue to run his own private accountancy practice providing accountancy and tax services to small businesses.

Mike Smith

Mike SmithHe was a Timed Served Design Engineer within The Nuclear, Chemical Plant, Pharmaceutical and Polyurethane Foam industry and has now been retired for 7 years. He is a well-established right leg above-knee amputee having lost it after a 7-day battle in three hospitals attempting to save it Sadly the battle was lost, as he ended up with Advanced Stage Venous Gangrene and amputation was inevitable in May 1991. Currently, he is trialling an advanced prosthetic leg, with a microprocessor knee.

Poli Paterson (LimbPower Representative)

She is a left above-knee-amputee. Having battled with serious issues for over 20 years, she finally had her leg amputated in August 2015. She is incredibly thankful to the amazing rehabilitation team at the Specialised Ability Centre Manchester (SACM), as she is now getting back to participating in some of the sports that her old leg and her doctors had previously stopped her doing. Over the years, she has found that exercise was so important for her with her disability. She now volunteers with the national charity – LimbPower, as a Volunteer Activity Advisor at the SACM. She has found that there are so many sports and activity clubs, with designated funding, just waiting for people with disabilities to give them a try. So, she has the goal to enlighten all the users of our Centre about the opportunities available to them.

Tony Bailey

A left sided below-knee- amputee, with amputation in 1963, after an RTA with a Salford City Bus. He faced up to the challenge of walking, initially aged 11 years, with a prosthetic leg supplied by Vessa. He is a qualified Transport Engineer and spent a successful working life as a Fleet Director/Engineer for a major PLC, most recently took up various director roles and is currently a Freelance Transport Consultant. He has attended two meetings considering ideas behind setting up MPUA and is determined that MPUA is a success.

Roy Haycock (Limbless Association Representative)

Many years ago – over 77 years to be precise – I had the misfortune to have an altercation with a motor lorry which resulted in my right arm being amputated above the elbow. At the time, there was no National Health Service which meant that I was only provided with a prosthetic limb in 1953 when I wished to drive a motor car During the 14 years without a limb I taught myself to do all those things that everyone else did and lived by the motto that I do not believe in the word “CAN’T”. I worked in accountancy with a national company and I am at present the treasurer of MPUG and the Limbless Association.

Bernard Cohen – MPUA Joint Secretary

He has been an above knee amputee for 33years attributable to a Liposarcoma (cancer). He recently retired after 52 years of dental practice. Over the years, he has been involved with evaluation of various types of knee assemblies and stump impression techniques. A keen cyclist for over 30 years, he still frequently covers over 20 miles on a pedal assisted electric bike. He can drive any automatic car without any modifications, swim and walk without any aids. He is happy to pass on all his experience in overcoming and coping with day-to- day living after his amputation.

Joyce Powell (Carer Representative)

JoyceAs wife and carer of Alun Powell, she is ideally suited to represent the views of carers of prosthetic users, as they see things differently in their eyes compared to those of the prosthetic users and often they must share in both the bad and good times experienced by prosthetic users, as they face and hopefully beat the challenges they face in regaining a “normal” life.