Poli Paterson

“I am a left above-knee-amputee. Having battled with serious issues for over 20 years, I finally had my leg amputated in August 2015. I am incredibly thankful to the amazing rehabilitation team at the Specialised Ability Centre Manchester (SACM), as I am now getting back to participating in some of the sports that my old leg and my doctors had previously stopped me doing.

Over the years, I have found that exercise was so important for me with my disability. I now volunteer with the national charity – LimbPower, as a Volunteer Activity Advisor at the SACM.

I am amazed at the many sports and activity clubs that I have found, which all have designated funding, just waiting for people with disabilities to give them a try!

I have as my goal – to enlighten all the users of our Centre about the opportunities available to them, so more users can participate in physical activities.