Clothing: How to tuck your trouser leg in, amputee style

I’ve not been an amputee long, but one thing that I do constantly is trap my dangling trouser leg. I roll it up, it falls down, gets trapped – need a better idea.

I posted the question of how to ‘tuck it in’ on the UK Amputee Facebook group and was given a few solutions.

  • Roll it on the inside (works well for leggings)
  • Roll it on the outside
  • Fold it in at the back of the stump
  • Cut it off (great for non-freying materials like leggings)
  • Tuck it into your prosthetic liner
  • Use a hair band to tie it on the inside before putting it on.

I have trialled all these with mixed success. When wearing loose trousers, the latter seems to work best.

Here’s how to:

  1. Get an elastic band / hairband / bobble.
  2. With your trouser leg inside out, tie the hairband round the leg
  3. Turn it back the right way round and try it on, adjust the rubber band as needed.
  4. Admire your work, no more trapped clothing, hurrah!


Ladies, you can even accessorise it with something a bit bolder:

Above picture courtesy of Julie H., UK Amputees group on Facebook