Got a phantom itch? Here’s what to try

Monkeys Scratching

I suffer from phantom pains pretty much constantly. Occasionally I get an itch on my stump that I just can’t find. I asked the UK Amputees Facebook group for suggestions, here are various ways to relieve that itch:

  • Try itching you stump where it should be, eyes open or eyes closed.
  • Wrap and rub your stump in damp towel.
  • Itch your other leg and look in mirror (for single sided amputees)
  • Itch everywhere till you find the nerve

For me the latter worked. I just had to find the itch location. My stump has the back of my calf sewn up to the front therefore I sometimes feel a sensation located on my non-existent calf that is actually now at the front of my leg.

Which ones work for you? Do you have a different way of relieving an itch? Please comment below.



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