Letter of Welcome from Richard Zacharzewski – MPUA Chair

welcome letter

Hi and welcome to Manchester Prosthetic Users’ Association (MPUA) and our new website.

My name is Richard Zacharzewski. I am a relatively recent bilateral below-knee amputee, who uses two prosthetic legs to walk, albeit it’s a struggle and I need the support of my rollator. I had my amputations in 2013 and 2014 at Oxford and on both occasions managed to start walking using my prosthesis within six weeks. I moved to Manchester in 2015 and started attending our local Prosthetic Centre (Specialised Ability Centre Manchester – SACM). I soon became aware of how busy our Centre was and how much pressure its staff were under. This was due to the number of existing prosthetic users (over 3,000) and prospective prosthetic users (around 300 annually) handled by our Centre. I saw there was the opportunity to improve “the lot” for many prosthetic users at our Centre, so I conceived the idea of MPUA, with a vision of “supporting the prosthetic users of Greater Manchester and encouraging them to live as normal a life as possible!

Fortunately, I gathered together a group of like-minded, enthusiastic volunteers, all existing prosthetic users from our Centre, who shared this vision and have assisted in setting up and launching MPUA.

We, the volunteers of MPUA, are here to support and help you. So please ask us whatever questions you have about amputations, using prosthetic limbs, welfare benefits, home adaptations through local councils, physical exercise activities and disabled sport, re-building self-confidence or simply “tricks of the trade” for prosthetic users. Come on, arrange a peer-to-peer session at which you will meet a volunteer, have a good chat and have your questions answered.

I am pleased to say MPUA now has a strong online presence, with this website, plus presence on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope that MPUA will have a considerable interaction with the prosthetic users of our Centre and that MPUA can and will make a difference!

I am happy to invite all prosthetic users of our Centre to MPUA’s formal launch event on Wednesday 21st June to be held at our Centre.

I hope that the prosthetic users of our Centre make use of our offerings and remember all our services are “free”!

Best Wishes

Richard Zacharzewski
MPUA – Chair


07939 228069
Manchester Prosthetic Users’ Association, c/o SACM, Ability House,
Sharston, Manchester, M22 4NY