Welcome back to vertical life, Anton.

Physio today was HARD, really hard.

With an extremely poor false start my first thoughts were that I wouldn’t be able to do it, the physios said “I don’t think you will be able to go home with these today”. As the great wave of disappointment fell down on me, I refused to give in. I tried the parallel bars, simple. No problems there, just the crutches.

So I tried again. This time, my ankle was more forgiving. I got out of the wheelchair and walked across the gym with crutches, turning round several times and working my way back. Happy physiotherapists and happy me.

My ankle hurts badly after a broken tib/fib and nearly five months of sitting down, resting and healing. But after a few rounds of ‘walking’ it’s starting to ease up and the unbearable pain is becoming more bearable.

After three sessions of training on crutches, I am finally allowed home with them. I am to walk ‘little and often’, easier said than done. These two sticks are my key to independence and life as a vertical being.

It feels really weird being upright and vertical, I liken it to being on someone’s shoulders and feeling a bit of vertigo.

I’m sure that will pass, as I hope the ankle pain does. Onwards and upwards.