A welcome from Poli, Physical Activity Advisor

My name is Poli. I volunteer with the Specialised Ability Centre and Limb Power, as their Physical Activity Advisor for the users of the centre.

I’m like the dating agent for sports and activities, if people want information on learning something new I will try my best to find that information for them to get started.

I also volunteer at Limb Power MultiSports Events throughout the year and we are arranging some taster sessions for the users of the centre to come along (with their family & friends) to try out different activities. From a Snowsports day at Chill Factore, walking football sessions,

Nordic walking at a local park, Para-Rock Climbing sessions at Rock Over Climbing, Cycling at the velodrome, and an Introduction to Sports and Activity Workshop for Amputees to show them how to keep up with their rehabilitation at home and how to adapt exercises to work with their prosthetics.

I have been collecting information for all of the Sports and Activity Clubs that are all funded and available within Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.

These are available for everyone to use in the resource area in the foyer of The Specialised Ability Centre.

I also send this out to people who get in touch with me, as well as keeping them up to date with events at The Specialised Ability Centre, Manchester Prosthetic User Association meetings and also Limb Power Multisports days.

So if you want to try something new, get in touch and I will try my best to get the information that you need.

I’ve included some information on how to get back into exercise using their everyday prosthetics and how to guides that people can follow at home.

Limb Power have just released their full range of exercise videos for amputees.

For the patients that aren’t really interested in sports or fitness I ask if they would like to take up a new hobby like arts and crafts or if they would like to join local community groups to help them to find their confidence or increase their self esteem/well being.

I have brought in some playing cards, games, art and craft materials in the foyer for people to try whilst they are waiting for appointments/fittings/transport. So if you have time to kill before going home why not take a look. These are there for everyone to use including family or carers too.

Also SAC-MCR users will get in touch with me if they would like to be set up with a referral for exercise via the GP PARS/PARiS scheme. This service is available in most local councils areas and gives people access to their local leisure centre to use the gym, swimming pool and fitness classes to help maintain their rehabilitation and stay active.

Some of these schemes offer reduced entry fees and some are even free after purchasing a leisure pass.

Please get in touch if you would like to be referred for this.

Here are those helpful links I mentioned earlier:

Information on getting started with infographics:

Limb Power’s Youtube workouts:

Wishing you all the very best,



Poli Paterson

Physical Activity Advisor for Specialised Ability Centre Manchester & Limb Power

W: www.limbpower.com

E: polly@limbpower.com

M: 07979790143

T: @misspbluedeva