Finally, my first steps!

Today was a big day. Huge, in fact. Having spent five months waiting for my femur to heal and then being told it hadn’t. I was super relieved when the CT scan showed enough healing for me to be promoted to ‘weight bearing’ status three days ago. ‘Finally’, I thought. Filled with excitement after almost enviously watching others getting prosthetics before me.

“Get me that PPAM aid!!!” I said, rather loudly to my doctor at the limb centre, who has shared my frustrations after months of waiting and seemed as excited as me to get me up and moving. After a short catch up and residual limb check I was given the ‘all clear’ to go and take my first, two limbed steps since the 2nd January. 

The PPAM Aid is a sort of training leg to get amputees moving quickly and getting used to walking before getting their prosthesis. I believe this is usually done as soon as possible post-op, but in my case delayed due to the extent of my injuries.  

After some short training, I managed to get my mum to film the video below. As you can hear from my physio in the backround, that was definitely NOT my best round of walking.

Today I also met my prosthesist, who discussed options of feet and sockets and what would be happening over the next few weeks. I will be getting an active foot that is good for walking, one that does heels in a year’s time. I will get an appointment for casting in a couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, I will go to my local physio twice a week, where they also have a PPAM Aid I can use. The doctors will be talking to my local physio, I’m so glad that the services can talk to each other (which hasn’t really happened much until now). 

So in essense super exciting times ahead, I am so raring to go, my gym gear is ready, my leg is ready, the other leg is ready (kinda), we are go go go let’s move …. and I’m so pleased my limb centre agrees! 

Let’s do some hard work and get moving! (and yes, don’t worry, I’ll be careful!)