“Why hello there leg, nice to meet you”

This is a big day for any amputee, otherwise known as ‘new leg day’. Excited doesn’t even describe it, after six months with either one or no working limbs, I am ready to rejoin the world of the upright.

My first tip is to wear baggy trousers, it makes it easier for you to put the leg on and take it off without having to get undressed. I guess a skirt would also works, or even shorts.

Next tip, take a pair of shoes. I actually think I’m just as excited to wear two shoes again as I am to walk. I love my shoes and have not enjoyed the lack of them. I wear pretty sensible shoes so a nice pair of merrell sandals came with me.

I did my first walk up and down the paralel bars and could immediately feel that the alignment was wrong. After six months of research I was already aware that it will take time to get right. It’s a case of working with your prosthetist and a lot of trial and error. My prosthetist made some adjustments and the leg felt a lot better.

I was shown how to put the leg on and take it off, more walking up and down the parallel bars while my prosthetist carefully watched me looking for signs of any issues. I then had a bit of physio, was given a care sheet and lots of socks. And off I popped, happy friday all round with instructions of not to do any walking till physio the following wednesday. Longest five days ever.