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This area of the site contains specific articles for amputees.

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Turn2us provides a true ‘one-stop shop’ for calculating benefit entitlements, also recommended by Enter a few details about your circumstances and the calculator not only works out what benefits […]

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Shrinker Sock

Stump Shrinker Socks

A stump shrinker, is a sock that compresses the stump in order to minimise swelling, decrease volume and prepare the stump for prosthetic fitting. They come in different sizes and […]

The PPAM Aid

The Pneumatic Post-Amputation Mobility Aid (PAMM Aid) is a device used for training amputees how to walk with a prosthesis. It has the benefit of allowing amputees to walk soon […]

Guide to phantom limb pain (WebMD)

A short guide to phantom limb pain with possible solutions for managing pain. View the WebMD guide to phantom limb pain Download the WebMD guide to phantom limb pain (PDF […]

Amputations (NHS Choices)

An NHS general guide on amputation containing information on both pre and post op, stump care and prosthetics with links to other sources of information.