MPUA Official Launch


News of Launch Event 21st June 2017

Over 30 guests, from external bodies including Limbless Association, LimbPower, MANFIT and Disability Stockport, Opcare staff and NHS staff from our Centre joined our team of MPUA volunteers celebrate the launch MPUA on the afternoon of Wednesday 21st June in the “Ability Matters” retail area at our Centre.

All attendees appreciated the three speeches from Richard Zacharzewski, our MPUA chair, then from Prof Kulkarni, Senior Consultant at our Centre, and finally, from James Roberts, a Paralympian and disability fitness “guru” (Facebook “Fit Amputee”).

After, all were invited to partake in an “Afternoon Tea” comprising over eight varieties of freshly-made homemade cakes and pastries. Many, not on diets, tucked in for seconds and one or two were spotted even going for thirds!

We felt this was a successful launch, in which we got our message across to all that MPUA is  “open for business” to support and empower all prosthetic users across Greater Manchester!