MPUA Officers Elected

At the inaugural meeting of MPUA, following on after the MPUA Project Team meeting, on Thursday 23rd March 2017, there was the election for the Executive Officers for MPUA, which resulted in the following prosthetic users being elected:

Richard Zacharzewski as Chairman: Richard is a recent bilateral below-knee amputee. He has extensive experience of working in senior roles in the business world and only relocated to Manchester in Autumn 2015.

Trevor McLean as Treasurer: Trevor is a recent single below-knee amputee. He continues working as a Chartered accountant, with his own small portfolio of clients.

Alun Powell as Joint-secretary: Alun is a recent bilateral below-knee amputee. He is now retired, but previously owned his own transport business and before that was with both the civilian and military police.

Bernard Cohen as Joint-secretary: Bernard is a long-established above-knee amputee. He is from South Africa and is a retired dentist.

We, four, just like the other MPUA volunteers, are enthusiastic and passionate about supporting other prosthetic users of the Centre, especially those who have just faced an amputation and are now about to tackle the challenge of using a prosthetic limb, for the first time. We hope to be able to motivate and inspire other prosthetic users to live “as normal a life” as possible!