What this Launch Event means to you, the prosthetic users of our Centre!

So, what’s in store for our prosthetic users attending our MPUA Launch Event on Wednesday 21st June at our Centre?

Richard Zacharzewski Chair MPUA

Richard indicates this will be an opportunity to mix, mingle and chat, over afternoon tea and homemade cakes, with:

  • our MPUA volunteers, who are all existing prosthetic users attending our Centre,
  • members of the Centre’s staff – both from the NHS and Opcare,
  • guests from both local and national charities and support organisations, relevant to prosthetic users,
  • meet other prosthetic users of our Centre, who like you decided to attend our first MPUA event!

I believe our Launch Event will help us build up the profile, not only with our YOU, the prosthetic users’ but also with other local and national support organisation, for as they become aware of our activities, they can refer prosthetic users from Greater Manchester, who make initial contact with them.

I hope that one or more prosthetic users will be inspired by the activities of MPUA and volunteer their services to us, either to become a trained peer-to-peer support worker or to help with the backroom functions of MPUA.

I look forward to meeting YOU at YOUR MPUA Event!