Lift Off Edition 1

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User Group

MPUA is here to support you

This is how! You can sit down with one of MPUA’s enthusiastic and trained volunteers, who is an existing prosthetic user,  and have a coffee and a chat. Hopefully you […]

Knowledge Base

Secondhand Books to Borrow or to Take

MPUA is now managing this activity. We hope you enjoy borrowing or taking a book or two at anytime when you’re attending our Centre. We would appreciate your donations, either […]

MPUA Officers Elected

At the inaugural meeting of MPUA, following on after the MPUA Project Team meeting, on Thursday 23rd March 2017, there was the election for the Executive Officers for MPUA, which […]

MPUA Official Launch

News of Launch Event 21st June 2017 Over 30 guests, from external bodies including Limbless Association, LimbPower, MANFIT and Disability Stockport, Opcare staff and NHS staff from our Centre joined […]